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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my firm need to qualify somehow to receive an invitation to the survey?

No, all firms are welcome to participate, so long as they have a U.S.-based office and are not sole proprietorships. All your firm needs to do is register. 

If I participated last year, do I need to register my firm again this year?

Yes, please register your firm again, in case there are any changes to your firm's contact person or other details.

How does Architect magazine compute the rankings?

Please see the latest methodology. We tweak the methodology every year to keep pace with changes in the profession, and as we discover new and better ways to measure key metrics.

Is there a fee?

Yes, there is a fee associated with submitting your firm's design portfolio, which is scored by a panel of judges to help determine your firm's design rank. The fee covers the judging and other costs.  

The fee depends on the size of your firm:

1-49 employees: $99
50-249 employees: $199
250+ employees: $299