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The ARCHITECT 50 is a nationwide ranking of architecture firms published by ARCHITECT magazine. The 2019 version appears in the November issue of the magazine. Click here to see the rankings.

The Architect 50 is different from most rankings, which simply list firms by size or revenue, and instead is based on how firms perform in these three categories:

  • Business 
  • Sustainability 
  • Design

Participating firms respond to survey questions and submit a design portfolio. Scores are then tabulated to create the list of the top 50 firms. Architect also publishes a list of the top 50 firms in each of the three categories. To see more details about the methodology, click here. We revise the questions each year to reflect changes and advances in the profession.

The 2020 Architect 50 is scheduled to go live this year in late May. Surveys will be due in early July. Check this site for updates.

All firms are invited to participate, so long as they have a U.S.-based office. Sole proprietorships are not eligible. 



2020 Architect 50

May 2020 Update: 
The start date for the project has been pushed back and deadline extended in line with revised AIA reporting dates.

Scheduled start:
June 2020

Scheduled end:
July 2020


Revised 5/28/2020